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Miami is located in the southeastern of Florida. Miami Is a sizable center and a pioneer in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. Simple Solution Tech over a decade developing long and lasting relationships with our customers in Miami.


When residential customers and commercial clients like you call Simple Solution Tech's computer repair services in Miami, you are connected with reliable, friendly, and affordable tech support service so you can speak to your technician directly. Great Partnerships are made over many years; Trust, Integrity, and Understandings are key components and Simple Solution Tech's team of certified computer technicians has been supporting computer users in Miami, FL since 2007. With decades under our belt and knowledge encompassing various computer platforms, software solutions, and more importantly worth ethics our team strongly believes in, our residential customers' and commercial clients' best interests for a better future.

We pride ourselves in our efforts to only provide technical services and products from our vendors that we ourselves have tried and approved. Our certified technicians can set up, configure, diagnose, and solve all your home and office computer problems and challenges. We are here to take on the task, show you how to do things, and get your computer fixed and running again. We'll make sure your computer is running better than before, make sure the computer has the right backup management system in place, and advise you of your best course of action for future growth. 

Most common computer problems requested:

  • computer virus

  • computer start-up issues

  • slow computer

  • lost data files

  • computer sound not working

  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

  • Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

  • computer ransomware virus

  • Internet connectivity issues

  • video graphics card issues

  • software problems

  • laptop screen crack

  • antivirus install

  • computer optimization

  • computer won't turn on

  • computer maintenance

  • setup new computer

  • computer hardware issues

  • wireless network issues

  • recover lost data

  • laptop keyboard/mouse issues

  • replace computer hardware

  • computer won't shut down

  • laptop won't connect online

  • laptop not charging

  • Windows won't boot

  • slow Internet

  • strange computer noises

  • the screen is frozen

  • laptop overheating

  • the screen is blank

Simple Solution Tech - Miami, Florida - different from the competitors

  • we provide remote tech support

  • we provide curbside repair

  • we drive to you

  • we provide same day service

  • 6-day service (for residents customer)

  • 7-day service (for commercial clients)

  • we provide after hour services (for commercial clients)

  • No Fix / No Repair (customer/client drop-off and pick-up)

  • we guarantee our services 

Technology is supposed to improve efficiency and ultimately save you time, but this only happens if you utilize the technology you have or invest in the right technology you have or invest in the right technology to get the job done, that's where we come in, we resolve all sorts of computer problems, from simple computer maintenance to hard drive repair and anything in between, for your convenience, we offer services for curbside computer repairs or onsite computer repairs (pick-up/drop-off) in Miami, Florida. We can also accommodate your computer repair concerns via our service center locations throughout Miami-Dade.

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