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Computer Hard Drive Install and Upgrade Service

We can install and upgrade you're computer hard drive.

We can drive to your location through our On-Site Tech Support services. Alternatively, you can mail your computer to our Service Center Tech Support in Miami, Florida, and a computer technician can provide you with your computer hard drive installation and upgrade services. During a computer hard drive install and upgrade process, you will get the best technical solution to improve your computer storage capacity. We recommend adding our Data Backup Transfer Services. Let our Simple Solution Tech computer technicians help install a new hard drive onto your computer and ensure all your existing data files are transferred. 

We also offer computer diagnostic services through Remote Tech Support.

You need an Internet connection and allow us access to your computer.

Why upgrade your computer hard drive?

This is one of the most important steps in our computer improvement process. The computer hard drive install and upgrade service allows our computer technicians to detect the right technical hard drive storage capacity install and upgrade solution for your computer, so you can have peace of mind that data storage will no longer be an issue. It will provide you with a picture of the current hard drive solutions provided for your computer and guarantee the service you receive from us is the right tech support solution you will need.


The computer hard drive install and upgrade service is executed by computer technicians with certifications and decades of several computer technical hard drive installations and upgrades solutions provide. The average time our computer technician take is between 2 to 6 hours or a couple of days for most complex cases. All hardware and software components are tested to check on the current condition of your computer after all repairs are completed before it is time to finalize the computer tech support service.

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