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Small Office Network Installation

We can install and upgrade your small office network.

We can drive to your location through our Onsite Tech Support. Onsite Engineers will install one Client Premises Equipment  (CPE), one Router / Gateway or Switch, and one WiFi Access Point with around five network cable (low-voltage) runs of 150ft each.


Small Office Network Install Service clients will get the best technical solutions to improve office computers' network connectivity with the best WiFI signal performance possible.

Why install or upgrade a small office network?

This is one of the essential tech support solutions for any small office network to improve mobility productivity through a local network and wireless network environment. Small Office Network Installation service allows our Technicians and Engineers to direct you to the best reliable network devices in the market to install brand new or upgrade to any small office, so you can have peace of mind that any local and wireless computer you own will have fast connectivity online. We recommend for any workstation computer we connect during small office network installation include our Computer Diagnostic Services. This will provide you with a clear picture of the current computer hardware and operating system condition and, if required, any additional solutions for your computer and guarantee that the solutions you receive from us are the right tech support solution(s) you will need.


Small Office Network Installation service is executed by network technicians with certifications and decades of several network installation and upgrade solutions provided over two decades.

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