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IT Consulting

IT Consulting for your business IT needs.

With new technological advances happening almost daily, it’s hard to cut through the noise to find the right combination of practical technology tools. Our IT Consulting services offer businesses a custom technology solution to improve productivity and grow with you. Our Team of Technicians is constantly testing new services and technologies to be able to suggest the right tools for your business needs.  If you decide to proceed with our IT Consulting services, we will provide you with a reliable and precise solution.

We also offer IT Consulting services through our Remote Tech IT Consulting program. You need an Internet connection and allow our Remote Technician remote access to your computer and servers.

Solutions For Your Business

  • Server Maintenance

  • Network Installations

  • Back-up & Disaster Recovery

  • Storage Solutions

  • Business Applications

  • PCI Compliance

  • Mobile Integration

  • Privacy & Security

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Email & Exchange

We can solve your

business IT needs.

Our Provident Approach

Proactive Technology Management
Centralized Services
  • Server Maintenance

  • Managed Backup

  • Patch Management

  • Anti-Spyware Management

  • Anti-Virus Management

  • Spam Management

  • Desktop Optimization

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Documentation and Inventory

Technology Consulting
Dedicated VCIO
  • Budget Planning

  • Technology Summary

  • Technology Planning

  • Business Impact Of Technology Decisions

  • Quarterly Metting/Review

Network Administration
Dedicated Network Administrator
  • Best Practices

  • Central Service Report Review

  • Network Infrastructure Resolution

  • Technology Checklist

  • Central Service Ticket Resolution

Technical Support Services
Customer Support Team
  • Remote Support

  • How To Questions

  • Customer Portal

  • Remote Support

  • How To Questions

  • Customer Portal

Our Provident Approach

Our consulting services are offered hourly or on a project basis, depending on the nature of the services required. We’ll assign your company to a Tech Executive to manage your technology needs and serve as your account's primary contact. We can consult on several matters, including network infrastructure, security, wireless installations, mobile integration, Point Of Sale, PCI Compliance, and server configurations.

We can solve various network issues, such as slow internet speeds, incomplete or spotty wireless networks, and connectivity issues. We can also craft a disaster recovery plan, ensuring that you have proper on-site and off-site backups and a detailed plan in case of catastrophic failure. Strategic IT planning is essential to having a fluid, consistent network environment.


Our consulting services allow our clients to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

Are you ready for a consult? The first one's on us. For more information, call us at 786-671-5111

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