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Windows OS Install/ Upgrade Service

We can install the upgrade on your computer operating system.

We can drive to your location through our On-Site Tech Support services. Alternatively, you can mail your computer to our Service Center Tech Support in Miami, Florida, and a computer technician can provide you with your Service Center Tech Support in Miami, Florida, and a computer technician can provide you with our Windows OS Install/ Upgrade services. During a Windows operating system install and upgrade, you will get the best technical solution to improve your computer's overall performance with the latest security software installed. Simple Solution Tech computer technicians can upgrade your computer operating system and provide reliable and precise technical results you can only get in Miami, Florida, from us.

We offer computer technical support services through Remote Tech Support, which allows our Remote Tech Support Technicians to perform a Computer Diagnostic Service to ensure nothing else is wrong with your computer.

You need an Internet connection and give us access to your computer.

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Tech Support

Service Price:


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Tech Support

Service Price:


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Service Center Tech Support

Service Price:


For more information, call us at 786-233-2002

*Service Price is the separate price from the new parts provided during each Computer Memory Upgrade Service. 


Our Simple Solution Tech services can be purchased through the "Buy" button directing you to a third-party payment website through PayPal. We are providing you the option to pay with your PayPal account or pay with a Debit or Credit Card without a PayPal account.

Why upgrade your computer memory?

One of the most essential tech support solutions for any computer is improving performance speed by upgrading computer memory. Computer Memory Upgrade service allows our computer technicians to direct you to the best affordable new parts to upgrade any computer, so you can have peace of mind that the computer will run faster and much better than before. We recommend for all computer memory upgrades include our Computer Diagnostic Service. This will provide you with a clear picture of the current computer hardware and operating system condition and, if required, any additional solutions for your computer and guarantee that the answers you receive from us are the right tech support solution(s) you will need.


Computer Memory Upgrade service is executed by computer technicians with certifications and decades of several computer technical memory upgrade solutions provided, and the average time we take is between 2 hours or three days for most complex cases, simply waiting for the new parts to arrive. All hardware and software components are tested to check on the current condition of your computer after all repairs are completed before it is time to finalize the computer tech support service.

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