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Remote Working with Google Workspace

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Migrating to the cloud is no longer a “maybe” solution for many businesses. With many countries mandating staying home, remote working requires a fresh look.

The good news? There are great solutions available, and you’ll see benefits not just today but also when you’re back in the office in the future. We recommend Google Workspace to enable business collaboration and communication while working remotely.

Advantages of a Google Workspace Solution

Google Workspace offers enhanced productivity, flexibility, and transparency, all without sacrificing security.


Google Workspace provides access to Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Websites, App Scripting, and more. Using Google Workspace, internal and external users can collaborate and see changes made.

This simultaneous, real-time collaboration saves on emailing documents back and forth. Avoid the inefficiency of someone having to correlate different versions of a document.

Further, Google Workspace provides a single dashboard. Users can access the creation tools, as well as email, calendars, and Google Meet. People don’t have to keep several different applications open. It’s all available in a single, integrated solution.


Google Workspace is available on any device, iOS or Android. All your remote workers need is a working internet connection. With this cloud-based solution, you can let them log in to Google Workspace and get everything done in one place.

Everyone can:

  • share access to the business Google Drive;

  • use Google Cloud Search to find the needed files;

  • synchronize work calendars on Google;

  • easily hop on video calls or chat in Google Meet.

  • And they can do that from wherever they are, whenever they want.

Google even touts a "99.9% service level agreement." Google maintains its systems while making its applications continually available, which means “no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows.”


With Google Workspace, all the business data lives in one place. Users can share files but still control access. Your IT admins can decide what access to allow remote or guest users, and they can secure that access from within the Google Workspace Admin Console.

With Google Workspace audit logs, IT admins can review actions taken by users. The logs provide information about what resources were used, by whom, and when. This can help with cybersecurity, plus it provides peace of mind that people are complying with procedures remotely.

Google Workspace offers to report for international information security controls, accounting, financial services, health privacy, government, and payment card industry standards.

At the same time, although you are using Google Workspace’s services, your data doesn’t belong to Google. All personal information and intellectual property remain your own, even that meme you made about the “joys” of homeschooling.

Getting Set Up on Google Workspace

Google offers many of these solutions separately for free (or ad-supported). Still, Google Workspace is worth the investment: you pay per user for a more comprehensive solution which adds:

  • professional domain name – instead of she could send from;

  • unlimited cloud storage and archiving;

  • administrative control to manage all user accounts in a single dashboard;

  • better management of mobile devices;

  • the ability to set up two-factor authentication for greater security.

A cloud solution helps your remote workers work smarter and faster. Google Workspace is a secure, simple-to-use cloud platform. Another form of Remote Working can be used with Office 365

Our tech experts can help you effectively migrate to Google Workspace or another cloud-based solution. Contact our experts today at 786-233-2002!


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