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Zoom meetings getting hacked. Find out how to prevent your "Zoom trollers" on your video chat.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We saw a big jump from our residential and business clients' demand on video chatting platforms since the coronavirus pandemic started. These "Zoom trollers" occurring to the Zoom application, which has grant the hackers to connect into any Zoom conference without acknowledgment and interfere with the meeting. Keep in mind this is happening worldwide to anyone using the teleconferencing platform.

What is the Zoom trollers?

Zoom trollers are incidents to be trolling onto a group teleconferencing meeting unwelcome. Hackers reach access to a Zoom meeting and attempt to breach the video chat and unsettle participants by yelling profanity or racial slurs or putting unpleasant or repugnant images in their video feed.

How are hackers joining Zoom meetings, when they aren't supposed to be in?

Hackers are joining uninvited to group video chat meetings by the "individual end-user" incompetent cybersecurity measures and they're immature command of Zoom's privacy settings. In other words, hackers can connect if a Zoom meeting is set to the public. This can be filtered through by anyone with the correct Zoom meeting link. Our cybersecurity partners agreed with our feedback that the only way something like this can occur is by searching for the countless open Zoom meeting addresses provided freely online, simply by searching "" from any social media and forum sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.

How can you prevent the "Zoom trollers" happening to your video chat meetings?

Here a guide created by - keeping your Zoom meetings safe.

Recommend Zoom Users should not share meetings links publicly:

1) Sharing Zoom meeting links is not to share it within a Facebook group or advertise it online on any other social media platform.

2) Distribute information via a more private method, such as email.

3) Set your meetings to "private", which Zoom now sets all new meetings to "private" by default, requiring only invites with password gain access.

4) Share your personal meeting ID only with people you trust. If you have compromised your personal meeting ID, we recommend contacting Zoom directly to have it changed.

5) Restrict video sharing. Zoom has made the change, that only the host can change Zoom's screen-sharing setting.


Looking for alternative options for video conferencing for your online meetings?

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